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Lots of woodworm holes in timber

Beware woodworm

Woodworm infestations are caused by wood boring beetles. They are pests that can be found in any property that has exposed timber. The problem is very common, with up to 70% of a house made up of timber.

They can cause serious damage to the structure of a building with the larvae feeding on the cellulose within the wood, leaving tunnels. Your property could lose its structural integrity depending on the extent of the damage, so contact us today for woodworm control.

Timber with holes in it, caused by woodworm

How to spot a woodworm problem

Should you see signs of a woodworm infestation, it is best to get in touch with an expert timber remedial company like Baggaley & Jenkins (Remedials). The signs that woodworm are affecting your property are small round holes in your woodwork – similar to a dart board.

There could be fine dust around the holes, crumbly edges to boards and joists and adult beetles emerging from them and around the building. You might also find frass, the solid excreta of the furniture beetle by old furniture.

Timber with woodworm present

Treatments to protect your timber

We offer specialist woodworm control to deal with any infestation you may have. As well as the woodworm you can see, some can go undetected but we provide surveys to help identify and deal with the problem.

The treatment we provide ranges from treating the surface of the timber – to kill emerging woodworm and stop the lifecycle – to fumigation or replacing the timber in the most severe of cases.

If you see any signs of woodworm, Call 01623 634 550

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