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Lots of water droplets dripping down glass

Watch out for condensation

Condensation is proving to be more and more of a problem in buildings. This is because of better insulation, double glazing and draught proofing. Moisture is absorbed into the warm atmosphere of the building and cools on the surfaces.

It gives you better heat retention but means a lack of air ventilation and more trapped moisture. This causes mould, peeling decorations, damage to fabrics and nasty musty smells in the property. Perhaps worst of all though, it can harm your health.

Discoloured wood, caused by damp

Why is condensation bad?

If you have water building up in your property then contact us today. Condensation control could be vital to your building. You will see water collecting on the inside of windows and on the window sill.

It can form on any surface but sometimes not noticed until it gets bad when black mould growth appears. There is rotting of material, peeling of decorations and damage to clothes with a strong musty smell occurring.

A close up of a patterned wall

Preventing condensation

When condensation is allowed to continue it can cause serious harm to your building. Condensation control is needed and there are many ways in which you can go about this.

    Opening windows throughout the day, using extractor fans when cooking or putting your washing outside when possible are good tactics. For more severe cases, very good dehumidifiers are needed or installation of air ventilation systems, which is where we can help. We can also help with black mould removal.

    Do you need condensation control to help prevent damp?
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