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Wood that is starting to decay

What is wet and dry rot?

Dry rot is something you don’t want your building to suffer from. It is one of the most damaging conditions your property can get. All it needs to flourish is moisture. Damp can come in any form – leaking pipe, dripping tap or your roof or guttering. It can grow unseen and seriously harm timber throughout the building.

A more common occurrence is wet rot. It is easier to treat than dry rot but can still cause damage to buildings. The rot attacks timber and inflicts structural deterioration in damp conditions.

Timber that is flaking with holes in it

Does your building have symptoms?

We conduct surveys to assess what the damage is and how best to treat it. You should contact us immediately if you believe your property has any of the symptoms for wet or dry rot. Dry rot can be present if timber easily breaks or crumbles. There can be silky white sheets or cotton wool-like cushions or greyish strands develop in damp areas. Also there may be a musty odour and a rusty colour.

Signs of wet rot include largely black and localised fungus growing on timber and can be soft and spongy, even through a coat of paint. Timber can shrink and cause door and window frames to bleach. You should look out for flaky paint and a damp, musty smell.

    Rotten timber

    Wet and dry rot treatments

    Our specialists offer a variety of dry rot treatments and will use the most effective one. Once the area is dried, we can use fungicidal treatments to stop further outbreaks and replace any plaster or timber where necessary. Contact us today for a free quote.

      When it comes to wet rot treatments, the first thing to do is to stop the source of moisture and allow the area to dry out. Then we will use the most effective form of treatment depending on the extent of the damage. Sometimes timber can be cut away and replaced. We’ll ensure that your building is structurally sound and the problem eradicated.

      If you need dry or wet rot treatments, Call the experts on 01623 634 550

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